Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spice rack, new jars & pretty labels!

A while ago Andrew offered our spice rack to his sister.

I know. Sweet guy, eh.

Actually, we haven`t been using our spice rack since we moved here. It`s been packed with the rest of our `extras.` So what did this mean?

I got to make a spice rack.. Yay!

But first, I had to make our old ugly silver spice rack pretty for her..

Out came the spray paint!

After our brainstorming session, we ended up with this for ours...

It ended up more extravagant than expected. Before we were able to get more wood I decided to make some nice little labels...

This project *almost* satisfied my jar obsession.
Made a tiny bag to hold the extra labels

 I then took my wood, some old, some new and cut them in pieces...

And then chipped away at them..

Then it was time for the frame..

And figuring out all the ~puzzle pieces~... truly my favorite part!

I then made sure it was secure (Yeah.. this may have been Andrew`s idea)...

No Paper? No problem. Improvise!

 I then slapped on a couple of shelves... 

 We love it!

Once we`ve moved, this baby will be hanging our kitchen and hooks will be added to the bottom to hold cups. There`s also 2 decorative hooks on each side to hang tea towels, pot holder, etc.

You can never have too many hooks!!

My original plan was to have it stained 2 different shades and distressed a tad.. But le boyfriend won`t let me. I told him I`d ~live with it a bit~ and then decide.

What do you think?

Because I like to make new friends... and show off what I make...


  1. I think I'm in jar heaven! I love it!!!

  2. This is AWESOME!!! I love it, especially with all the big jars for the spices instead of the little tiny ones that most racks have.

  3. that looks fabulous and it holds so much- awesome job!

  4. I should have known this was your work when I saw it in a few parties this morning. Lo and behold, I hop over for a visit, and here it is! Very nice project, and the look is just terrific.

  5. Wow, how awesome! I love it. New follower from the Show your crafty side hop. Hope you'll pop on over to my blog also and check it out. I also have a great giveaway going on 30 Meals in One Day so come on over and enter!

    Sandy~ Cherished Handmade Treasures

  6. Following from the Crafty side blog hop.
    I love that look! My old house has no room, but I love the old fashioned feel your spice rack offers. Jars, labels, and a very large collection look great displayed that way... My hubby may have a new project added to his list...

  7. Thanks ladies! You're not helping my case to want to stain it! But I think I got over that too.. haha

  8. I absolutely love the spice rack! I think it would look good either way! It looks great if you are going for a natural look, but obviously staining it would have more of a finished look to it. I am just jealous all around. Where did you find the neat tags? Thanks for stopping by the Thankful for Friends hop by the way. Love your blog.


  9. OH I love this! Thanks so much for sharing at Us and Them! Chris

  10. I love this spice rack! I've been dying for a new one. :) Where'd you get all of your jars? I love em!

    1. The jars are a buck each at Michael's, but they rearranged everything so the employees get confused AND not all Michael's carries them.
      I knew my store carried them, but when I sent my husband to grab me some, they said they were didn't have them anymore. Well, when they moved everything around and put all the glass vases and jars, etc. in one section. THESE ARE NOT IN THAT SECTION. They are in an isle with other random things. Isle 14 at my store. :-) (aren't ya glad you asked the question?)

  11. I too fell in love with the little mason jars at Michael's for my spices. For 1.00 each you can get everything in easy to access uniform jars. I use the square ones, cause I feel (in my OCD little mind) that they save space. I know, I know! SO... at a buck a piece, your project can also become quite pricy! I need a spice rack to hold all of my new colorful beauties. This one is PERFECT! Thank you so much for the idea!


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