Monday, October 13, 2014

Loving life

I think I may have my hormones in check. 

I think.

I didnt believe that 3 months post partum, I'd still have these random bouts. But alas.. C'est la vie.  Apparently.

I feel that each time I "get a hold" of this new life - things change..  Routines change.. We're at a new stage in his clubfoot journey..  GP gives me something new to stress about.. etc.

So we're going to have a ball (metaphorically) from today until our appointment Thursday.  Because things will likely change. Again.

Regardless how I feel, i wouldn't change  a darn thing.

I have never felt so thankful for anything compared to how I feel towards our small, growing family. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

I caved.

I gave in.

I lost it.

I finally caved.. to my emotions.

As I sit playing with his cute toes, massaging his perfect little feet.. that was it.

The floodgates opened.

I realized how much more comfortable he is without his boots and bar.  He falls asleep almost instantly when I rub his feet. He can curl up perfect on my chest when I pick him up - he falls sound asleep within minutes.  If that.

Bar - less snuggles won't keep his feet from relapsing.

More massaging each day won't continue the progress we've made thus far.

Playing with the cute toes longer won't prevent the pain of clubfoot when he's older.

So I played with his toes for 1 more minute.. massaged for o
1 more minute.. then held him as close as possible for 2 minutes. 

And then put the boots and bar back on.

What did my brave boy do?

Slept through it.

Thank God.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Best. Baby. Ever.

I didn't think It was possible for one person to be so perfectly, wonderfully awesome.
Who? My boy.
Sure.. All parents say that...
Especially when their baby starts sleeping through the night (which he *kinda* did two nights in a row!).
So why is he so awesome?
He *kinda* slept through the night, his first night in a new bed & with his new boots and bar.
It makes all the crying at the hospital yesterday worth it.
As does his straight feet!!
Best. Kid. Ever.

T - 20 hours!

..but who's counting? (Yeah.. I wrote this Tuesday and forgot about it.. Oops! !)
Until? Baby boy's casts get removed! Woo!
I have to admit, it was nowhere near as challenging as initially expected.
Club foot..
Talipes Equinovarus..
Congenital Foot deformity..
Crooked feet :)
At our 20 week scan we found out that our boy would be born with 'club foot' - our Dr (at the time) was not overly familiar with the 'newer' treatments and said words such as "if he ever walks," "long road ahead" and other scary things.
Why he said such things is beyond me. Even with 'old ways' of 'fixing' club foot (breaking feet & knees in some situations) - people who have it (typically - there's always extreme cases) live a normal life - with the deformity  usually completely unknown to others.
Stupid Dr. 
Sure, we have had to adapt..
Casts can be annoying when dressing/changing a baby..
Sponge baths for Babe leads to half baths for the parents..
Weekly travel to the city is not ideal with a newborn..
Seeing a brand new baby in casts is not easy..
People asking why he has casts is not  easy..
And the list goes on..
But we have learned so much.. about ourselves and our amazing son..
He is such a strong little man. 
He did not cry for the first 3 castings. When he did - he was comforted as soon as cuddles were given.  Same for when he had his surgery. I can only hope I show him the same kind of strength throughout his life.
He has barely fussed .. With or without casts.
I'm sorry, but if I had casts from my hips to the tip of my toes, I would complain.  Sure, he doesn't know any different.. but it still cannot be comfortable all of the time. He is such a content baby.. even at his 'fussiest' - he would be content within minutes.. how amazing is this boy.
I have never felt so proud. Blessed. Thankful. Lucky...
After 6 weeks of serial castings, an Achilles tenotomy,  and 3 more weeks of casts - we're excited for the next step!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Unions, Strikes, Minimum-Wage, Job Security & the Stupidity of Some People.

I am so frustrated that there is no clear beginning.

This passion.. this dire need to strangle someone.. Is something I have not felt in quite a while.

It feels good.

... Jump back a step ...

In the last month, the city has practically gone on strike. Halifax On Strike! Well, some have, many have threatened and most of the public has complained one way or the other.

I have always been in support of strikes and unions; regardless of their inconvenience. If people feel they have been wronged, under paid, treated unfairly -- they are able to express this without worrying about their job security. All while getting paid very little.. bit over a 100$/week.. strikes happen for a reason.

Yes, I agree union workers do get paid nicely for very little work (the majority of the time).

Yes, I do realize that low-paid jobs become below-minimum wage jobs once union fees are deducted (my mother paid out to a union for 25ish years as a housekeeper in an old folks home).

Where was I going with this.. In my opinion, the positives outnumber the negatives when it comes to unions, and striking, in particular.

But a month on strike.. for a service my clients rely on for all their outings (bus services) -- it gets extremely frustrating.

I know of individuals who have been unable to leave their homes for work, recreation or appointments.. for the mere fact that they cannot board any cab or regular van with their power wheelchair. They were completely dependent on the 'sub-service' (access-a-bus) provided by the metro transit. Luckily my clients actually physically can take taxis, but how long the budget can 'take taxis' is another matter.

So yes, this strike did start to take its toll on my tolerance. On my nerves. I became irritated when trying to reach a taxi for 4 hours and not being able to get through to the dispatcher. I became infuriated at the wrong people. But it is easy to make such a mistake.. why are the cabs bogged down? Stupid strike. It is logical.

I snapped back to reality this week.

I realized how important it is for this union and all its workers to continue fighting. To continue standing outside in the -10 weather, even after.. no ESPECIALLY AFTER the government decided to enforce the open-barrel fire ban after the union rejected the government's "last offer." After rejecting the 1500$ bribe incentive offered, their blood must have been boiling enough to keep them warm all winter. Mine was. I admire their strength and commitment in their demands. I love that they are able to stand up to "the man" and demand respect.

Which gets back to reason #2 of "what got my blood boiling this week."

People should be able to stand up for what they believe in. Even if it may appear wonky to others, they should be able to say so and be heard, without fear. But let's get back to the basics of unions.

Job security.

You can't get fired for no apparent reason.

If fired, you have to be told.
You are protected.

Unless you do something stupid. Then you should expect it. But you are STILL to be treated fairly.

Seems basic.

Yet, this is not always the case.

Why do I have to go to a 2nd job today with butterflies, in fear that today my boss may have decided that I am no longer needed and have taken me off the schedule, all while never uttering a word of this to me.

It should not happen in our society. It should not be allowed to happen at all.

Apparently it still does in some industries.

In those industries that are not even worth fighting for the minimum-wage job.

The anger and frustration I feel when I think about it is enough to make me want to quit this job.

The injustice.
The stupidity.
The mere ignorance.. violation of rights.. bias.. crudeness.. inequality.. oppression, if you will.

The person I saw it happen to this week... not even one of my favorite people.
Did I like them as a human being? Hardly.

But it does not make it any less wrong.

And to think I was frustrated over having to pay under 20$ for a mistake I made, then fixed.. tried to explain.. but not even given the opportunity to show where it was fixed. Although everyone else knew and understood, 1 person was able to say "no, you are wrong. Give me the money." Regardless of facts.

So here I am, taking my frustration. Trying to calm down so I can go to this second job that would hardly come close to cover the expenses of getting to work, paying to fix my non-mistakes, buying new clothes because they get stained and the pain-killers needed for the labour... if not for the kind patrons.

But, unfortunately, I have to shut my mouth, put a smile on and go work because I need the extra few hundred dollars to pay bills, rent, loans, and save up for a home.

I am fortunate that job security is not an issue at my "real job," the one that actually pays for bills, rent, etc. What about those people who depend on these minimum-wage jobs for their livelihood.

It's not just.

Maybe I should have gone to law school after all. Unfortunately, those who deserve and should fight hard for their rights can't afford lawyers.

Sounds ass-backwards, no?

In Canada?! In a province which has been primarily NDP for however many years?!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Never forget.

"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic and we'll change the world."
- Jack Layton, 1950-2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What have I turned into...

I always said I wouldn't be one of THOSE people.

All I have to say for myself is... Isn't he just soooo cute!

These two projects have decided it for me. I NEED a new sewing machine. This whole, "sew it by hand" thing isn't working out. That and making a quilt would be impossible (for me).

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