Monday, August 29, 2011

I'll owl the pigeons all the way to Mexico.

The guy across the street & his young daughter feed the birds. pigeons.
(birds are beautiful creatures, pigeons -- not so much).

We used to have a pigeon problem in Regina. By problem, I mean they'd wake us up with their purrrrrrrr.. purr... purrrrrrrr every morning. And it would continue...




Every. Single. Day.

We contemplated getting some gawdy owl to put on our deck back then (possibility of keeping their annoying purrrrring, feces & nests away? Yes, please.). But that's all we did.

Found some owls, debated it -- but never actually bought any.

It is odd, I know. But my old roommate scarred me years ago.

She bought this horrible brass owl and hung it our house.

Then waited to see how I'd react.

I'm not entirely sure why it this was such a horrible thing..
Was it gawdy? Sure.
Tacky? Oh most definitely.

But definitely not the worse thing I've seen put on display in a house (probably the worse in any house i've lived in though, :P) 

Since I found & sent her an owl necklace, I've been forgiving her tacky senses and patching over the "scars."

So where am I going with all this?

Oh yes...

Superstore has Halloween decorations out (ALREADY! I know).

One being a super cute Owl.

I liked it when it just served as a cute decoration.

But now I see it as a means of getting rid of the pigeons the neighbor feeds.

Food vs. Predator.

Which will prevail.

I may need to find out.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My bf ~ the zookeeper

The other day, We got tired of being in the city. So we only had two logical choices, since it was andrew deciding the adventure..

Go fishing

Or go to the zooo!

The decision is kinda obvious.. But we did see some fish!

I also got to pet a llama, which was awesome.

I may or may not have wanted to bring home a sad looking, yet awesome goat.

The only real crummy part of the zooo was that ankor couldnt come. Instead, we tired out mom. She may have slept for two days afterwards.

What a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The first step is admitting your problem...

---- I've been slacking ----

I know. How dare I.

I miss blogging, -- writing, reading, sharing -- the random ideas.. the sweet comments.. 

I miss it.

So what am I doing about it?

Happy Go Lucky

I'm hoppin' around, trying to get back into the groove of things.

And possibly digging out my camera. Blog posts are just no fun without pictures.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

But I am le tired. Then go have a nap...

Job hunting sucks.

Job hunting in the city sucks even more.

Job hunting in a city & 2 neighboring cities sucks the most.

Disclaimer: I've been what some would called "spoiled."

I've never had a hard time finding decent jobs. In my past I've been extremely blessed (and thankful!) to have people I know in positions where saying a good word for me basically got me the job. (But do not disregard the charm!).

I've had people personally come tell me to apply for jobs because they wanted me to do it.

Which may be why this "applying for job bit" is extremely frustrating.

- How many of these posted jobs already have their future employee picked out?
- How many of these posted jobs are looking for that name they know? Or that name they've heard through the grapevine?

I do not regret moving to a new city.

But I do regret not being able to bring my contacts! Okay, maybe not possible. But it would be sweet if it were.

All is not completely lost. I quickly found a job in a pub/restaurant/tavern type of establishment within walking distance of the house. Pay is not great, but Nova Scotians are. ;)

It shall pay the bills until I find said dream job (ie: full time, permanent position that pays enough to pay bills, save for down-payment on house, allows me to go visit home every once in a while, allows me to buy wood & fabric and possibly a new sewing machine & is enjoyed by Moi. See I'm not very picky.)

On the bright side, the house is practically a home.

Most of my past projects (spice rack, clock, lamp, jewelry frames, etc.) have found their "permanent until we move again" spots. (pictures? I'm not even sure where the camera is. Hence the half fuzzy twitter pics, courtesy of my phone).

I have several dozen other projects that I want to do. But that's all they currently are. Wants. Most of our furniture received not-so-pretty nicks and dents during the move. Many hand-me-downs were collected from family members, 99.9% of those pieces older than us. My step-dad gave us three old dressers (we didn't have a single one) that were from his parents' (may they RIP) old house - Ie. They hadn't been used in over 30 years. All we've done thus far is clean them and stuck one in each bedroom closet.

To make this stuff & space completely "ours" -- we have lots of work to do.

I've been making curtains for all the windows.

Or I should say, I was making curtains for all the windows. And would be finished another set if the sewing machine hadn't conked out on me last night. Le sigh.

We'll see how that goes today.....
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