Why the blog?

I had set up this fantastic blog, actually (surprisingly) wrote in it and was pretty proud of it. Then the entire reason for the blog (travelling to Australia where we were to work/live for a year or so) fell through and burst into flames.

So I ignored it.

I miss my blog. I miss writing about the random things that come to my mind. I miss rambling. I miss ranting.

I never thought I'd say that.

Here's my attempt at re-starting it all. Via blogger. Damn you every blog I read for being with blogger.

Update in March 2011:
Since starting this blog, I've kept it pretty low-key. Not giving anyone, but people close to me, the website. Pretty much, I was a shy blogger, not wanting strangers judging me. Then I slowly began reading other people's blog (top secretly, of course -- because I'm a sneak like that) and became interested in this "blogging community" that I have been hearing oh-so-much about.

I guess this is my admitting that I was creeping but now want to come out of the blog closet.

Ta da!

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