Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day.. Shouldn't we be there by now?

Yup, we should have been arriving friday. Were planning on it.

But plans dont always work out as hoped.

We ran into car issues.. Not nice, but luckily nobody got hurt and we got back
On the road within about 30 hours.

A huge thunder storm"chased" us for most of the day yesterday. When we stopped for supper we realized we could no longer outrun it.

I almost left andrew to become a Petawawanite.. Petawawian? Merely so I could call him that. He wanted more sleep so he was okay with it.

Another short day.

But.. We're almost in quebec!! Saw our first irving and ultramar! Hopefully we make it into NB. It'd be sweet.

Sooooo close.....

Are we there yet

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Morning 3

16 hours on the road pushes my sanity.

By the end I was  willingly listening to and singing with the band perry.

I wish I would have taken pictures of our 50s style motel room.

I need my coffee fix...

Yup, put himself in the corner for a time out.

Day 2 on the road

Wow ontario is gorgeous.

All this driving gives me lots if time to relax and think.

Even though I feel exhausted, I feel so rested and at peace.

Materialistic & financially, We may not have much..

But these adventures and memories we have and are creating are more than we could ever ask for.

Sure there are days I wish I had a big diamond already.. A home to our name.. And started on our offspring..

But when I actually stop to think about it, I wouldn't trade any aspect of our life right now.

I'm driving across the country with my dog. How awesome is that.

No, we're not perfect.

But we're perfect for each other.

Including this guy..

Saturday, July 2, 2011

When in doubt bribe..

I started two awesome posts this morning at 6am.

Then we started packing everything that was left (& finishing, may I add -- yay!)...

.. so the posts, full of pictures, wit & fantastic wonderful'ness are sitting in my drafts.

Instead you get this... !

A pretty picture of a handsome pup.

This guy thinks we're going on a big vacation.. and bringing all our stuff.

He's half right.

It's been a game to him. As I went from upstairs to downstairs, he was right there with me.. tail wagging, tongue hanging out - having a grand 'ol time.. So I egged him on and soon he was passed out.

Easy peasy.

I'm pretty sure I learned this technique babysitting years ago...

I may have to do something similar to have him behave in the car for 4 days.

Oh wait.. that's what rollerblades & leashes are for... Muahaha

oh.. and treats.

So yeah.. posts from me lately and for the next week = slow. boring. not exciting.

Posts from me in a couple weeks after I've moved & settled in = so awesome you won't be able to contain yourself.

So let this be a fair warning.
Or something...
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