Wednesday, June 22, 2011

books = happiness.

I have been finding books like mad lately.

All for cheap cheap prices.


All is right in my world.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My new favorite DIY bracelet!

With summer finally having come to the prairies, I have been on a huge bracelet and anklet kick. Well.. who am I kidding, I wear & love bracelets yearlong... but now it's summer bracelets now... there's a difference! :)

Needless to say, as soon as I saw this tutorial on Sew.Craft.Create. I absolutely had to make it!

Picture from Sew.Craft.Create

First attempt, I ended up with this beauty..

Not the most "put together" bracelet I've ever made.. let alone seen. But I like it! It's fun and simple!

Another beautiful day I decided to re-tackle this bracelet. (I took a couple more pictures this time).

I've also been on a fabric kick lately, so this bracelet was perfect!

It was so sunny and beautiful that Ankor couldn't look at me without squinting.

This one turned out a bit better than the black one! Different style, I s'pose.. :)

Gotta party it up!!


Transformation ThursdayPhotobucket

Saturday, June 4, 2011

a lil' bit of fabric love

The rain we've been having has been beneficial for one reason:

It's sped up the process of this tree blooming!

Now if it can stop raining (or being gloomy) for one day so that this tree can dry, then I can steal a couple branches and replace my fake flowers! :)

I recently found pinterest.

From what I've heard, my spare time will now disappear and be overtaken by this site. I've only begun on it yesterday, but from what I've seen it's a super fantastic site of awesomeness that lets me search for all sorts of ideas, and organize them properly all in one quaint spot.


If I'd been using it before, I'd remember where the 'tutorials' for these mini projects were.


Since today is the day I start trying to make awesome pillow cases, I've been going through all my fabrics and wanting to use some for other things..

  • Prettified bulletin board..  

I love this bulleting board. Yup, I splurged on it. No DIY here (well other than the fabric and Jute of course). If I have to look at it every day, 12$ is worth it.  

One of these days Andrew's going to have a Jute overload and demand that I get rid of it all.
It will be an epic battle.

Not everything I make is oober girlie. I swear.

  • Fabric bookmark...

The other day I was making a fabric bookmark & Andrew got excited. So I decided it could be for him.

But then I realized that I had pretty fabric that matched my original fabric perfectly..

When he saw the complete project, he no longer wanted it. I wonder why...

  • Fabric bracelet...

The second I saw this tutorial, I just knew I had to make it as a 'scar hider'.

It didn't work as that.

But it's a cute, simple & chic bracelet!! Now to make one in every color fabric I have...

The guys just left to go fishing, it's time to tackle the pillowcases.. Or try to. Yay!



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