Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leftover wood scraps + housewarming gift

Dee, who I've dubbed "my little sister" (really Rew`s sister, but what`s his is mine), and her boy toy have moved into their very own place! Woo! Well, really it`s the cabin, but it`s "theirs" for now. I've been trying to convince her to become a housewife for the entirety of summer so we can make pretty things and get shmashed on girly drinks, while having fruit smoothies for lunch & Supper every day. I'm really becoming quite the expert at "finding other things to do other than my thesis." Not good.

Anyways.. in-between trying to convince her to entertain me on my days off from work, I decided she they needed a housewarming gift!

After finishing my Nightstand & DVD Ladder Shelf thingymajigg, I had some wood leftover. Quelle Surprise. Truth is, the DVD ladder shelf thingymajigg was created with a vision that began with the scrap wood from the nightstand. But when I put the "vision" on paper, I realized I needed more wood. The exact same thing happened with what I just finished (but am keeping hidden for right now because Rew and I are arguing about stain, paint, and lack thereof). It grew from the scrap wood I had from these projects, including the wood I stole from Dee to make her a bookcase. Why am I using the wood I stole from her to make something for myself? That's a story for another day.
Where was I... Oh scrap wood and housewarming gift.

With it being spring and all, one day I decided I needed a tall vase for pretty flowers. The kitchen needed to be "spruced up" a bit. So I made a matching set of "vases." Because I didn't want to have to wait the 2-3 days it takes me when I stain anything (it was still cold and snowing at this point, making everything impossible to dry. And no, it wasn't that long ago. 2-3 weeks?) I decided to give her them one of mine!
The plan was to buy pretty flowers to put in it. But that was still not enough. So I surfed the web to find designs she may like. Huge lover of anything with orange in it. And decided to make her these coasters. Which she loved and demanded I make a few more for her to display. Oh yeah, I should do that, oops.
These babies were made with my new love (& craft Fling); Mod Podge. Oh how many ideas I have of things I need to make with this stuff. If I were to list them all, this post would never end....

Yup, I even put a fancy ribbon

After finishing the coasters and looking back at the vase thing.. the plain stain`ness of the vase was just not enough anymore. That and it wasn`t her. She`s not a "simple" girl by any means. And I do mean that in a good way. It was just too dull for it being a gift that was meant specifically for her. For Rew, maybe. He likes to think he's simple. Ha!
Without further hesitation...

I added a little spunk.

Since my coaster making things were still out, I mod-podged the crazy out of it.

Okay, maybe not that bad.

I used some of the leftover texture/design from the coasters, cut them very carefully (Straight lines and I are not friends).

And voila!

Safe to say, after I finished her vase, my vase was looking rather bleh. I gave it it's own little makeover. I had to try and make it not-so-girly so Rew wouldn't take my the wood and tools from me. He not-so secretly loves my new obsession for making things out of wood for the mere fact that his style is country/western everything.

I grabbed some cute ribbon and some rocks from the old fish tank to stop the flowers from tipping over and ended up with this...

I may or may not have temporarily put it like this with a bunch of scotch tape just to see if I'd like it. Hence why you're seeing varying angles of the same side. But, I'm thinking it will stay like that -- Much easier to change it with the seasons and holidays!


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