New Chapters, New Adventures

There is no ocean in the prairies..

No. There isn't. But there is an Andrew (ie: my loving boy toy) (awwww, cheesarific, I know).

I'm originally from a small Acadian town in Nova Scotia and he is from a small hick town in Saskatchewan. It all started back a couple years ago when a boy met a girl in a place called the Owl.

He was an outgoing, country singing, cowboy boots wearing 2nd year Education student and I was an outgoing, stressed out, overworked, 1st year MA student. We hit it off with his promise of teaching me how to play my newly bought guitar (but to no avail, so he needs to get me a piano).

Two (ish) years later...

In trying to determine where to move once we were done our degrees, Andrew randomly decides to send his name for interviews and to attend an information session in all sorts of place in the coming weeks. We looked into Calgary, Yorkton, Melbourne Aus., Halifax, and countless other random places..

The plans were put forth to go to Melbourne. We found a place, got our Visas, saved up the $$, started looking for jobs.. I started this awesome blog to keep my family & friends in the loop.. then..

BAM. things fell apart.

C'est la vie.

After many headaches and hair-pulling days, we ended up his hometown of GL. Along the journey, we used some of our nest egg funds to get a handsome Aussie Shepherd (who may be crossed with Border Collie & German Shepherd), a couple more pieces of furniture, and a Jeep. and start thinking about what we truly want in life.

Before we knew it, we went from being a "young couple in love" to "a small family trying to make ends meet." We started finding ourselves as "us" and the family we want to be, rather than "University students" who were in love.. (it had to start somewhere!)

Melting snow & Early mornings...

Our journey in GL is nearing its end. We have all the basic requirements needed to jump through to the next chapter; A move across the country from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia. I'm coming home! Well, basic requirements.. not including the patience to wait out until the actual date... Gah!

BAM! 3 more years pass.. seriously? 3!!?

Found "real jobs"
Bought vehicles that won't break down
Gotten married
Bought a house in the country/'mountains'
Had a baby
And probably lots more...

I'm also now on mat leave for a year and have nobody to talk with...

Stay tuned & Enjoy!
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