Saturday, July 2, 2011

When in doubt bribe..

I started two awesome posts this morning at 6am.

Then we started packing everything that was left (& finishing, may I add -- yay!)...

.. so the posts, full of pictures, wit & fantastic wonderful'ness are sitting in my drafts.

Instead you get this... !

A pretty picture of a handsome pup.

This guy thinks we're going on a big vacation.. and bringing all our stuff.

He's half right.

It's been a game to him. As I went from upstairs to downstairs, he was right there with me.. tail wagging, tongue hanging out - having a grand 'ol time.. So I egged him on and soon he was passed out.

Easy peasy.

I'm pretty sure I learned this technique babysitting years ago...

I may have to do something similar to have him behave in the car for 4 days.

Oh wait.. that's what rollerblades & leashes are for... Muahaha

oh.. and treats.

So yeah.. posts from me lately and for the next week = slow. boring. not exciting.

Posts from me in a couple weeks after I've moved & settled in = so awesome you won't be able to contain yourself.

So let this be a fair warning.
Or something...


  1. Good luck with your move! If your dog is anything like mine, he'll have lots of energy and be driving you crazy the whole time. But I hope everything goes smoothly for you! I'm looking forward to your after moving posts!

  2. We just got home from a few days away at the coast. My dog Honey sleeps in the car so she's never a problem. Harry stands up in the car and will neither sit down nor lay down on trips. He falls asleep standing up, falls over, whimpers, and stands bolt upright again. He does not poop away from home either. Poor baby hates vacations. Your pup is gorgeous. Good luck with your move.


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