Monday, September 22, 2014

I caved.

I gave in.

I lost it.

I finally caved.. to my emotions.

As I sit playing with his cute toes, massaging his perfect little feet.. that was it.

The floodgates opened.

I realized how much more comfortable he is without his boots and bar.  He falls asleep almost instantly when I rub his feet. He can curl up perfect on my chest when I pick him up - he falls sound asleep within minutes.  If that.

Bar - less snuggles won't keep his feet from relapsing.

More massaging each day won't continue the progress we've made thus far.

Playing with the cute toes longer won't prevent the pain of clubfoot when he's older.

So I played with his toes for 1 more minute.. massaged for o
1 more minute.. then held him as close as possible for 2 minutes. 

And then put the boots and bar back on.

What did my brave boy do?

Slept through it.

Thank God.

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