Wednesday, September 17, 2014

T - 20 hours!

..but who's counting? (Yeah.. I wrote this Tuesday and forgot about it.. Oops! !)
Until? Baby boy's casts get removed! Woo!
I have to admit, it was nowhere near as challenging as initially expected.
Club foot..
Talipes Equinovarus..
Congenital Foot deformity..
Crooked feet :)
At our 20 week scan we found out that our boy would be born with 'club foot' - our Dr (at the time) was not overly familiar with the 'newer' treatments and said words such as "if he ever walks," "long road ahead" and other scary things.
Why he said such things is beyond me. Even with 'old ways' of 'fixing' club foot (breaking feet & knees in some situations) - people who have it (typically - there's always extreme cases) live a normal life - with the deformity  usually completely unknown to others.
Stupid Dr. 
Sure, we have had to adapt..
Casts can be annoying when dressing/changing a baby..
Sponge baths for Babe leads to half baths for the parents..
Weekly travel to the city is not ideal with a newborn..
Seeing a brand new baby in casts is not easy..
People asking why he has casts is not  easy..
And the list goes on..
But we have learned so much.. about ourselves and our amazing son..
He is such a strong little man. 
He did not cry for the first 3 castings. When he did - he was comforted as soon as cuddles were given.  Same for when he had his surgery. I can only hope I show him the same kind of strength throughout his life.
He has barely fussed .. With or without casts.
I'm sorry, but if I had casts from my hips to the tip of my toes, I would complain.  Sure, he doesn't know any different.. but it still cannot be comfortable all of the time. He is such a content baby.. even at his 'fussiest' - he would be content within minutes.. how amazing is this boy.
I have never felt so proud. Blessed. Thankful. Lucky...
After 6 weeks of serial castings, an Achilles tenotomy,  and 3 more weeks of casts - we're excited for the next step!

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