Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tis the season to be scary....

Fa la la la la... la la la la...

Oops, wrong season. Halloween, Easter, Christmas.. same difference..

A wonderful excuse to decorate my house!

I most definitely came back to this and added the rest of the leftover skeleton pieces to make it less put together.


Plated rocks, orange (yes those are orange, not pink) candles and skeleton parts. 

We're classy like that.

You need to have the staple spider webs and jolly scarecrow, don'tcha know.

Even with all that wonderful decor, there was something missing.

I was out & about today and decided it was time for some crafting therapy.

Visiting my love, I got some of these...

Picture borrowed from here.
Along with some glue gun sticks...

Dug out some old fabric I'd cut in strips (original purpose was supposed to be stripes on my curtains)...

And set to work...

My step dad got a good chuckle when he noticed what I did to this guy.

* I don't recommend using glue gun on styrofoam. It doesn't work very well. AT ALL. 

What does work awesomely on styrofoam? 

Yup. I went there. Masking tape. 

I couldn't find the duct tape.



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  1. Oh, I love all your holiday decor. Your wreath is awesome!!! I love the decapitated skeleton, it made me laugh.

    Thanks for linking this up to my Monster Mash Bash!!!

  2. What great Halloween decor! You did a great job making it look very festive & spooky! The mirror looks great! Thanks for sharing @ Show & Share! Makes me happy to have you there!


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