Thursday, October 28, 2010

PART II: ... but I'm a small town gal.


1. Farms and Fields everywhere.

2. Stars are visible as soon as its dark outside.

3. Time and the space to paint.

4. It would take hours to walk to the next town = lots of country & gravel roads.

5. If one grocery store doesn't have what you want, you know the other store does.
6. The town gathers to watch a bunch of guys get a stuck combine out of a ditch/slough.
7. Only 1 movie theater; 1 movie for 3 nights = no arguing over what to see.
       Since they're older movies, they're also cheaper!
8. No malls. Only a Quilt store that has yet to be visited by this gal =  Improvisation & a savings account.

9. With said saved money and extra time, one can buy luxury items. For example, a puppy or an ereader, on which one can actually read books for FUN!

10. a Tim Horton's coffee is a luxurious treat.

This was definitely NOT taken in Gull Lake. It definitely WAS a treat of a day! :)

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