Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another "my mame is the best mame in the world" post

The other day I wrote a post about how fantastic my mame is. She's even more fantastic than I could have ever imagined. She's been completely selfless for the entirety of my life and has further shown that this last week.

Not only has she been a HUGE help in me us getting the Jeep I posted about yesterday, she's also informed me of the most incredible thing in the whole wide world.

The other day I was telling her about how I tried to convince Rew-head that getting a kayak would be more beneficial to us than a trailer. You can pack lots in a kayak, right? No? Yeah, he didn't fall for it either. To this, my mame goes.. "Did you actually find one for a good price, or what brought it up?" I tell her how I'm always scoping out websites such as kijiji and Used Regina for sweet deals and that I had happened upon one much sweeter than the others I usually see and it's extremely tempting, but I need a vehicle first. Mame, being Mame, starts off with something along the lines of...

"Well I have been waiting for you to decide where you'll be living and to finish University, but I have a few hundred dollars put aside to give you specifically to put towards a kayak, as a "Yay, you're done school" gift."

Wait... WHAT!!!?

The last few years haven't been easy on Mame. The doctors have forced her to stop working, taken her driving license away, made her go for various test/appointments, etc.. None of it easy when you have no paying job. Needless to say, even though she's been a single mom for nearly my entire life with a not-so-fantastically-paying job.. if there was ever a time she needed extra $, this would probably be it.

Bit.. Kayaking has always been Mame and my thing. We'd go camping pretty much every summer and made kayaking a priority of the trips. If it wasn't for her, I'd probably dislike kayaking as much as I do canoeing (my cousins brought me a few times and always pretended they were going to flip it, scaring the bejeesus out of me). But, luckily, she made me love it. Even with me arguing with her that she can use the $$$ on needs more than I 'need' a kayak, she will just not listen. She continuously said that it was no longer her money, it was 'kayak money' and if we didn't get one now, the $$ would stay put until we were ready for one.

For anyone who may not know my mame.. She's as stubborn as I. For anyone who may not know me.. How can I briefly show my stubborn'ess.. My sign is 'taurus' - the bull and I was born the year of the Ox. Oh I'll be nice.. but you don't want to test me too much.

Needless to say, I cannot wait for the day that I bring her in a hot-air baloon, in my future 2 person kayak and the day(s) I give her grandkids, as these are the only ways I can think of that could ever repay her for all the amazing things she has done for me, especially the little things. Things that would appear like minor things to most people. Those are the most important things in life. Yea, I know.. many parents give their kids money as graduating gifts or pay for a trip or a car... but how many constantly ask if the SUV their looking at has a roof rack for a kayak, and then say that the money (even if it doesnt fully cover it) NEEDS to be put towards a kayak and accessories for it. How many people can say that they have never really argued with their mom and consider her their best friend? Okay, maybe many do -- I don`t really know these things. But I thought it was just the most fantastic thing anyone has ever done (or offered to do) for me. She just keeps on surprising me all the time.

A million thanks nor a million dollars could ever repay her for everything she has given up and done for me.
Okay, a million dollars may come close.. but not in quite the same way...

I love you Mame.

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