Friday, March 11, 2011

A very shaky & wet day.


I've been watching CNN all morning (no, not my ideal news station, but they're always on) and my heart goes out to all those in Japan.

I know, I know.. there's deaths and news happening daily, hourly.. Every minute, somewhere.

One of the biggest Earthquakes of the last century. This is not man-made. This cannot be controlled by any means. Inevitable. I'm not sure if this should make me more or less sad by this.

I think that's irrelevant, truthfully.

I'm anxious as to how this will unravel. What will happen when the waves his Canada and US's west coast. It almost seems as though they're overplaying it. Maybe that's just me hoping. Or maybe I think it since CNN often does that.

We'll see in the next couple hours.

I feel ashamed for being upset that it was -10c and snowing again this morning. I are so extremely fortunate to be living where we are today and that my family is on the opposite coast of Canada.

... I think I hear our town siren. I hate that sound. Except when it tells me it's noon. It's used to tell the volunteer fire fighters that they're needed.

Yesterday it went off and when I passed by a couple hours later, there was a crashed car.

Not a good day.
Prayers & wishes of good news to all those who are not as fortunate today.

Stay dry. Say safe. Be careful.

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  1. I woke up to twitter being full of news about Japan. My uncle lives there, along with my aunt and cousin, but luckily they are in the southern part and weren't affected it. My mom has had CNN on all morning, it's awful.


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