Thursday, May 12, 2011

I promise there are fun projects somewhere in this mess...

Skip to about halfway through if messy kitchen tables make you sick to your stomach...

I`m done with being a student. Mostly because it makes my kitchen table look like this.

Also because deadlines give me headache. I used to LOVE deadlines. I thrived on deadlines. Goals. But alas, they have turned me into a coffee junkie. I used to be a healthy young adult. I'd eat good food. Drink plenty of water.

Now I have to force myself to take vitamins each day, struggle and drag myself through my stretches & exercises, eat lunch.. And yes, part of that may be the fact that my kitchen table looks like an office desk. Here's another shot just for good measure...

But I'm sure Andrew pefers it looks like this than be full of craft stuff as it has been on and off since we moved here.

It is pretty much his fault that it looks like this. He forced me to make my own deadline. I chose "to be done before I turn 26." I just realized my birthday is in exactly a week. YIKES! So much analyzing.

Yes, I suppose I could have set up station in the actual office we set up for me, on an actual huge, beautiful desk.

But that's upstairs.

Away from the dog.

Away from the TV.

Away from Andrew.

Away from the cupoard full of crackers.

And most importantly...

Away from the coffee machine & cream.

I'm thinking that by seeing this mess day in and day out, I will be forced to work hard on it because that is the only way I can "clean it up." And anyone who knows me, knows that seeing this when I am trying to read and relax will drive me INSANE!

If that's not motivation. I'm not sure what is.

Worry not.. I have some fun things to show you...

A couple weeks ago I found this cute, dirty, haggard looking glass bottle at a garage sale for 25 cents. I had no clue what I was going to do with it. But since making our spice rack/cabinet, I've had an odd obssession with neat shaped jars.

After much deliberation, I ended up with this..

I love how this looks with my twig lamp (from the his & hers lamp - Yeah, I split them up. For now). Gives it a bit of Oomph. It's all about the Oomph.

I really love everything about this jar/vase. I do love hemp.. but Jute is an awesome (cheaper) substitute. The green dollarama see-through fabric/ribbon. It gives it the girly'ness I've been needing in this house.

If my grand-mother ever sees that I did with my "rameau" (palm?).. She might chase me with her wooden spoon. But hey, it means I went to church that day! And that I may have been fidgetting, thus braiding them and then forgetting about it until later on in the day.. But I'm glad I did it, it looks pretty neat. I never could have gotten this look if I'd actually tried.

Under the candle is another project I finished foreve ago... Coasters.

You really can't have enough coasters in one house.

I have some in the living room, kitchen, under flower pots, underneath candles, on the stove, on the bedroom night side table, etc...

So they have to look pretty.

These pictures aren't that great and definitely don't give these any justice..

This was one of my first mod-podge projects.. Which will hopefully explain the small tear.. What do you mean tear? That's what I was going for.

Even if we don't use them after we move, this project cost me under 5$. The mod podge was the most expensive thing.

Design on top: Dollarama napkins. Carefully cut.
Tiles: Oober cheap at home depot. I can't even remember how much. I know I got 2 kinds of tiles, over a dozen for maybe 5-6$..

I really love these. It's very "us." If I ever finish/actually get to make the hallway table I drew up, these will most definitely be going on it.


  1. Very cute. Thanks for joining my newbie party. Please add my link or button. Thanks:)

  2. Thanks for the great projects ideas!



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